4 Ways to Keep Your Marriage a Priority While Wedding Planning

In the hustle of wedding planning, it can be easy to miss the bigger picture: your life together as a married couple. Here’s a few suggestions for how to make the most of your engagement and prepare for life after the wedding!

Set Intentions for Your Marriage – (& focus on them as you plan your wedding!)

This is one of the best pieces of advice we’ve ever heard from one of our couples! During a conversation with a bride, after we asked what her vision for the wedding day was, she pulled out a list.  Her and her fiance had sat down over coffee and set intentions for the way they wanted to live their life together and they were keeping this list at the forefront of their wedding planning. It was awesome!

Talk through your values as a couple.  Make a list of 3-5. And whenever you’re in a phase of decision making or uncertainty, you’ll have guiding principles to help you find your way.

Put the List Down

There may feel like there’s a thousand things to do and a million decisions to make. Pick a day, any old day, and put the list down, turn off your phone, and just be together. Make dinner together or go out to eat, go to a park and take a hike or explore something new in your area, or just watch a movie together cuddled on the couch. The point is that you have no real agenda besides being together. Take a breath. Just for one day. The list can wait.

Bride and groom walking together through Valley Forge National Park

Gratitude is a game-changer

Take a few moments to write down a few things about your partner that you are grateful for. That could mean a letter, index cards, or an on-going collection in a notebook: make it what you want. But find the things that you are grateful for about your partner and what inspires you about them. Write them down. Then put them somewhere safe to remind yourself of the wonderful things about your love when things are tough or the wedding planning is getting the best of you. Also, don’t keep it to yourself. Share something with your partner! And this doesn’t have to stop on the wedding day, keep going through your marriage. It really is a game-changer!

Bride and groom portraits with sweet smiles and kisses

Dream big together! 

Where do you want your life to take you? What are your priorities as a couple? What do you want your life to look like in 5, 10, or 20 years? Take some time to think about these things. Dream big! Set your priorities! Envision your future together. Get excited, the wedding day is just the beginning. You’ll have a whole life to live together to make incredible things happen. Take some time to think about the adventure of your life!

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