A Day in the Life: of the Power Family

Ashley and Jeff Power have been a part of our life for a long time. Ashley actually catered my wedding, and Jeff was one of my husband’s first real life teachers in the world of culinary arts and cooking in a legit kitchen. So when we started talking about a Day in the Life session, it felt like being able to give something back to them.

Their three children, Jackson, Reilly, and Avery, are wild, confident, and amazing. Jackson once sprayed my husband with a hose, presumably because I had stopped playing with him to go sit with Peter. Reilly is currently raising chickens, and some of the names are truly awesome. My personal favorite is “Mother clucker”. But Lemonade is the cutest. And Avery is a blur of entertainment. Tik Tok dance spaz outs, racing around on her electric go-cart, and handling every situation with a mix of confidence and sass. I was excited for what we would capture for them during their Day in the Life session!

When I arrived, we caught up for a moment before heading out back to see the chickens. I got the full rundown on names, and was introduced to the ducks. “They’re assholes,” I was told. And I had to agree.  

Leaving the chickens in their coop, we ventured out on a nice walk. Since there’s nowhere else to go in the present time, they’ve been incorporating walking the trails across from their house as part of their routine. Exploring, climbing, talking, and moving painted inspirational rocks to new locations. The highlight came when Ashley discovered part of the foundation of a long since torn or burnt down home, complete with a hot water heater still inside the basement. The kids were fascinated, but more curious to see if there was a dead body inside at all. You never know what you’ll find in a day in the life session.

After we’d returned to the house, everyone decompressed for a bit, then it was back out to the chickens. Avery took one on a scooter ride, RJ wore one on her head, and Ashley got pooped on. Meanwhile, the guys were just hanging out. I was struck by how much like Jeff Jackson is. They even stand the same way. 

The dogs got involved too! Doc and Duke Power spent most of their time jumping in the pool and then eating apples while everyone hung out in the front yard. Avery jumped in her go-cart and was whipping around doing donuts.

Overall, I was struck by the fun and sense of togetherness the Power family has. They’re not just family, they’re friends too. And while they may want to kill each other sometimes, they’ll usually just laugh it off and move on.

I can’t wait for the next chance to capture this dear family! 

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