Why Can’t I Just Use My Phone?

Since the invention of the cell phone with a camera people have been taking tons of pictures. Sunsets, friends, family, food, and we invented a word for self portraits – the almighty selfie. But, just because we all have the ability to take lots of pictures, doesn’t mean that everyone is a professional photographer. There are many reasons cell phones can’t capture your life the way a professional photographer can. Here are just a few:

Someone is always missing – YOU!

This is a huge deal to me. Selfies only capture so much, and I know when I do one, it’s not a genuine moment at all because I’m trying to position myself in the most flattering way I can. And if you are capturing a genuine moment, you aren’t in it! I don’t want you to feel like you are just observing your life as it happens around you. Rather, I want you to be fully immersed in it! And leave the documentation to me! 

I see things differently from the “outside”.

It’s easy to lose sight of the forest for the trees. Each moment of daily life has its own unique feeling, and some of them have become rote to you over the years. I don’t know these moments from the next. Having fresh eyes on your routine can really bring out the extraordinary. The littlest things can have the biggest impact. This is the heart of these sessions. Showing you just how much you matter and how beautiful your life is, no matter how you currently feel about it!

I bring my creativity to the table.

Anyone can take a picture, not everyone can create a picture. That’s not to say I pose you and orchestrate everything. In fact, for these sessions, I do the opposite. I use all my creativity and problem solving abilities to create beautiful images with oftentimes less than optimal circumstances. Kids running around, dog barking, you on the phone, blinds closed, etc. That’s where my years of photography experience come into play. I have the knowledge to cope with all these situations and the patience to wait until the moment is just right. Phones just can’t compete. 
Your phone may be full of snapshots, but I’ll create beautiful photographs, and I want to create them for you! If that sounds good to you, let’s talk some more!

xo Rachel

Rachel is a photographer who loves capturing families, both at the start and throughout their lives together. She has two beautiful and wild children, Ayden & Atticus, and their adventures together with her husband Peter are what sparked her mission to capture the beauty of daily life. 

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