Which Type of Cescaphe Bride are you?

Odds are, if you want to be a Cescaphe bride, you are thrilled because your venue search is narrowed down to 6 incredible options off the bat:

But how do you choose the best one? In this blog, we’re going to be sharing what we love about each venue (with some photos for inspiration!) to help you choose the best fit for your special day.

Why Choose a Cescaphe Venue?

The wedding collections offered by Cescaphe for any of their world class venues are incredibly inclusive.

In one fell swoop you’ve secured your venue, day of coordinator (we can personally attest to the awesomeness of these folks), food and beverage. That’s a lot off your to do list. What a relief!

As you continue in your journey as a Cescaphe bride, they offer exclusive events (Cescaphe University) designed to help you navigate the other aspects of wedding planning. Along with their fantastic hospitality on display, here’s one place where you can find out about other vetted and trusted professionals who will join forces with your Cescaphe team to make sure you have the most incredible wedding day ever! Like us! We loved having the chance to photograph & be a featured at past Cescaphe University events!

How to Choose the Best Philadephia Wedding Venue

If you’re reading this post, we’re going to take a wild guess that you’re looking for an elegant, one-of-kind wedding venue in the Philadelphia area.

Well lucky for you, every venue that Cescaphe puts its touch on is one of a kind! (And yes, we’re a little heartbroken that they let go of our beloved Atrium at the Curtis Center, but we’ve forgiven them) Is it any surprise that no other event group quite has the cult following that the Cescaphe team has created?

Making the decision to become a Cescaphe bride is the easy part – (assuming you can find an open date, locking down a Cescaphe venue is the equivalent of Saturday night dinner reservations at the best restaurants in town, something worth waiting for!)

But what kind of Cescaphe bride are you? Here’s a little inspiration to help you figure out which incredible Cescaphe venue is perfect for you!

Philadelphia Water Works

Do you dream of an epic sunset over the river as you and your honey feel the breeze? Do you want to be outside, but be dry if the skies should open up? Let us introduce you to Water Works by Cescaphe!

Before you even enter, you are caught up in some of the most iconic vistas that Philadelphia has to offer. The Philadelphia Museum of Art crests the hill and Boat House row bobs quietly up the Schuykill River. Between the two, Water Works by Cescaphe takes you right to the edge of the river and invites you to celebrate your love epically. The Grand Pavilion boasts Neoclassical architecture, including towering pillars and an open floor plan. 

This Cescaphe venue brings the delights of nature and the wonders of design together. All the open areas allow a breeze to drift through, giving everyone the feel of being outdoors. Yet, you can rest assured knowing that you and all your nearest and dearest are sheltered if the weather turns. In short, this Cescaphe bride loves epic views, a lovely breeze, and the drama of Philadelphia’s icons.

Love this venue? Check out some of our full galleries from weddings we’ve photographed at Cescaphe’s Water Works!

Anne Marie & Nicholaus
Lauren & Brian

The Lucy

Perhaps you are a little more of an uptown girl. Your idea of a great party is gathering with friends and family to celebrate with sophistication and style. Look no further than the latest Cescaphe venue: The Lucy.

Directly in the heart of Center City, with a perfect Broad Street view of City Hall right out front, this stylish venue hits all the right marks for your soiree.

The whitewashed brick and chevron hardwood floors draws the eye and elevates your space. One of the most visually striking pieces to this Cescaphe venue is the dramatic brass lighting hanging over the high top tables. The multiple levels allow for a dimensional experience of your wedding day.

This Cescaphe bride loves to bring her own style to bear on a sophisticated canvas. The Lucy will get you started and then incorporate your style for a personalized feel. 

Vibing with The Lucy? Check out our full gallery from one of the weddings we’ve photographed here!

Adrienne & Rob

The Down Town Club

What about for those of you that love all the rich history of Philadelphia? As a team of true lovers of this great city, we can personally attest to the pride of living in the birthplace of independence (a heritage we Philadelphians cherish). Rising above the historic district, the Down Town Club is the perfect place for you!

This penthouse Cescaphe venue is bright, elegant, and utterly classic. The giant windows that line the hallway and ballroom allow you to look out over some of the richest pieces of history America has to offer. The cobblestone streets, preserved squares, and quaint colonial buildings can be enjoyed from a bird’s eye view. The warmth of the cocktail hour room brings you back to a feeling of old world prestige.

As this Cescaphe bride, you’ll love dancing the night away in the sky, feeling on cloud nine. This classic venue is perfect for the history loving Cescaphe bride with old world elegance. 

Are you looking for a venue with a view? Check out some of our favorite full galleries from past Down Town Club weddings!

Lauren & Joe
Caitlin & Andrew
Caitlin & Eric
Tara & Ryan
Kristina & Brendan


Are you someone with a lot of family and friends and there is no way you could possibly narrow it down? Fear not! There’s a Cescaphe venue for that too! Vie is the go to venue for a truly lavish Cescaphe bride!

As a Cescaphe bride at Vie, you’ll be thrilled by this lavish and modern space that is designed to celebrate your love in epic proportions. All your guests will have plenty of space to mingle, eat and drink, and be merry. As Cescaphe’s largest venue space, Vie can accommodate up to a whopping 600 guests!

But you don’t have to sacrifice beauty for space. The modern touch of their neutral color palette and massive marble top bar impart a sense of luxury. The stage is already set for a great band to come get your guests showing off all their best moves!

Getting married at Vie means that your epic celebration will be one that everyone raves about for years to come!

Feeling like your wedding will be the wedding of the century? Check out these epic Vie weddings:

Ali & Zach
Ariella & Itzik
Julie & Josh
Stacey & Seth


Maybe you’ve gotten to this point and you are thinking, nah. I’m all for Cescaphe’s experience (seriously, cocktail hour alone is earth-shattering), but none of these places really suit my vibe. Well, there’s some great news. Located in Philadelphia hippest neighborhood, Tendenza is the Cescaphe venue for you!

When you walk into Tendenza, you are immediately struck by how sleek it is. The floating cocktail tables make you feel like you’re eating off an art installation. The exposed brick and stainless steel fixtures really bring the industrial feel to the forefront. Even the textured glass of the bar has an abandoned factory vibe for you to have a killer party in.

This feeling is only augmented by the interior ballroom. The black chandeliers that hang from the textured tin ceiling are uniquely striking. And the stationary glass top tables provide some of the uncompromising structure that we all love in an industrial venue.

Bring your own personal style to this venue as much as you’d like, but even with minimal additions, you’re sure to have one of the coolest weddings in town. The Tendenza Cescaphe bride is trendy, sleek and edgy, and enjoys taking the wedding road less traveled.

Looking for a venue that shows off your style, but still knows how to keep it classy? Then you’ll love these galleries from our past Tendenza couples.

Marikate & Jonathan
Michelle & Adam 

Cescaphe Ballroom

How about for all those who want a timeless wedding that radiates warmth but still brings a modern twist to the tradition? Then you will crush hard on the Cescaphe Ballroom.

This is THE OG CESCAPHE VENUE in this great city. This timeless ballroom is ready for you to bring your unique spin to it. One of our favorite features is the balcony in the bridal suite that overlooks the ballroom. You and your love can make a dramatic entrance, spotlighted in the balcony, and then enter your reception to thunderous applause and sparklers.

The warmth of the timeless ballroom augments the cheer of all your besties, while some of the modern appointments keep your feet firmly planted in the present.

This Cescaphe bride loves marrying tradition and modernity with a warm and inviting party. 

Last, but not least, check out these amazing full galleries from past weddings at the Cescaphe Ballroom:

Jessica & Tom’s NYE Bash
Dorothee & Dylan

No matter which Cescaphe venue speaks to you, the level of service that you will experience as a Cescaphe bride is hard to match. Their experience, expertise, and genuine desire to see you have the absolutely perfect wedding day, frequently pushes them above and beyond the call of duty.

We are thrilled to be one of their trusted and preferred vendors!

So, which Cescaphe bride are you? Leave us a comment and tell us what you love most about your venue?

In love with the idea of a city wedding, but not sure you’re quite the Cescaphe couple? No worries! We have an amazing list of Philadelphia venues that we can’t get enough of – check it out!

Ready to start planning your dream Cescaphe wedding?

Yay! You’ve found the one, and you’ve found your venue. Next up, finding the perfect photographer.

It probably comes as no surprise that we absolutely love working with our Cescaphe brides to capture their special day. Our couples love the way we capture their day through a lens of beauty & elegance while focusing on all the intimate moments in between.

If this sounds like we might be the perfect match, we’d love to hear more about your wedding! Complete the form below to connect with us and find out if we are available to be a part of your happily ever after!

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