Dramatic One North Broad Wedding | Taylor Nicastro & Paul Sinatra

Weddings are a funny thing, and we absolutely love all our AGP couples. The moments spent with them are on our yearly highlight reel for sure. However, every so often, a couple transcends the typical relationship and becomes something more. And Taylor and Paul are a prime example of that. Their dramatic ONE North Broad wedding day was something we anticipated almost as much as they did, and being there to capture their new beginning struck a chord deep in our hearts. 

Getting Ready at the Hotel Monaco

The bridal suite was awash in matching robes, personalized and filled champagne flutes, and in the center of it all, Taylor beamed. The day she had been planning for over a year was here, and it was already more amazing than she hoped. Her dramatic long sleeved Kitty Chen wedding gown was hung carefully and beside it was a jean jacket with her new last name emblazoned on it. The almost Mrs. Sinatra had her final touches put on by our dear friend Sara at Elegance Artistry, and it was time. Time to slip into that dress and get this show on the road. 

There was no shortage of hands to help button her dress as her mother and maids of honor made short work of them. After the jewelry had been affixed, we made full use of the beautifully appointed Monaco. Taylor was utterly radiant. After her portraits were finished, the ladies relaxed until it was time to head to ONE North Broad for the wedding ceremony.

Just a few floors away, the Avengers had assembled. Well, at least in cufflink form, with Paul as Thor. His wedding day look was sharp as hell in all black save a white tie. His brand new Bulova watch from his bride ticked down the seconds until he would take her hands and pledge his vows. While his designer loafers didn’t allow him to wear his funky Christmas socks, they did complete the ensemble for one smart groom. So, we tarried no longer. Off to the ceremony!

The Dramatic ONE North Broad Wedding Ceremony

As Paul stood at the end of the aisle, we watched his face work through a whole range of emotions. From broad smile, to mildly bashful, to outright overcome when Taylor appeared in the doorway. Throughout the ceremony, joyful tears were never too far away. Taylor promised to love him always and congratulated him for being her favorite guy, along with her dad, their dog Finn, and Shakespeare. Paul promised to help her realize her dream of being Instagram famous, and praised her for her ability to love life even when things are hard. When they kissed to seal the deal, everyone applauded, including us (on the inside since our hands were otherwise occupied). And it was time for portraits.

Dramatic ONE North Broad Wedding Portraits

It was almost too easy to find amazing places to capture these two in all the married glory. Dramatic architecture and furnishings lent themselves to creating epic portraits. And these two aren’t too bad themselves. Having some modeling experience, they easily fell together with smiles, kisses, and the occasional Victorian era pose. Snagging a free moment to get outside for the Christmas tree outside City Hall, they laughed off the cold and enjoyed the twinkling lights. Then it was time for them to show off the dance moves they’d been telling us about for months. 

The Reception at ONE North Broad

Taylor and Paul stormed into their reception, giving everyone a foretaste of what was to come. But before they even got there, everyone had the chance to fawn all over the multitude of pictures of their precious dog Finn. Who even though he couldn’t be there to celebrate, got to play a part from his warm doggy bed. Then Taylor & Paul got going, they shared their tender first dance. Singing to each other and smiling like fools, they were in their own little world. The toasts from her father, maids of honor, and the best man, brought home the reality of just how special these two are. 

Taylor and her father danced to Talladega by Eric Church. One of Rachel’s favorite songs. Further solidifying their special place in our heart. Paul’s dance with his mom was sweet to behold. As the cake was cut, Taylor flipped Paul off when he went to put cake on her nose. The moment was only made better by the look of horror as she realized she’d just done that in front of everyone, and then laughter as everyone roared in response. Then the dance floor took off. Taylor and Paul were out there all night, and it was hard not to join them. 

We disappeared briefly to help Taylor change into her reception dress (I told you we became good friends), and then it was the time we’d been dreading. It was the end of our night with these two. 

Taylor & Paul, thank you for being amazing friends and we hope that married life has been absolutely awesome!

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