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All right folks, get ready for a week of Emilia and Jason! We will be posting all about this incredible couple this week, so please keep checking back for more of their love story.


We begin with their engagement shoot from last autumn. They had originally planned to forego the engagement shoot, but after a conversation with Ashley outlining some good reasons to get one, they decided it was a great idea. A lot of times an engagement shoot is less about the photographs – although that is still one of the best and primary reasons to book one – than it is about getting the chance to meet the photographer and see how they work before hand. You don’t want to work with someone who doesn’t get you, your style or your sense of humor. You want someone who is professional yet meshes with you in a wonderful way. The benefit is seen in the photographs when you are more comfortable, less stressed and having a good time during your entire wedding (even during family formals!). That being said, Emilia and Jason loved working with lead photographer, Ashley. And the photographs prove it.

Another PSA – the original plan for the engagement session was to go into the Please Touch Museum. However, the PTM does not allow photos of couples to be taken inside unless the couple is having their wedding there as well. Brides, be sure to call the location of your engagement shoot to find out if there are any restrictions like that before booking your shoot there.

Now – on to this lovely couple. After being diverted from the original plan, they improvised and did their shoot on the grounds outside the PTM. Emilia is a very fashion forward and stylish woman. Her Christian Louboutins are simply glorious and added such a classy feel to her ensemble. She looked stunning and the play in the skirt made for some lovely pictures. Jason looked the perfect complement in his understated but sophisticated navy sweater and gray pants. Together, they fit like a hand in a glove. Just look!

Oh that pop of red! Hope that whet your appetite for more of this adorable couple. We will have their wedding day details up tomorrow!

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