Fantastic Ballroom at the Ben Wedding | Maggie Meakim & Paul Becker

It’s always an honor when someone in the wedding industry reaches out to us to capture their wedding day memories. Even more so when the bride is already a friend of ours! Maggie and Paul’s fantastic Ballroom at the Ben wedding was a great kick-off to our wedding season!

Getting Ready at the Downtown Marriott

It was actually a pretty warm day for the beginning of February when we walked into the Downtown Marriott. Maggie was finishing the last few makeup brush strokes and excitedly greeted us when we opened the door. Her gorgeous dress was hanging over the bed, and the labor of love veil – handmade by her mom – was laid with care beside it. No trick of the light here, her veil was a darling slate blue. The pearls that had been sewn into it were from her mothers dress, her grandmothers dress, and there was lace from the dress of her godmother as well.  A veil memorializing all the magnificent women in her life. 

When she put her dress and veil on, the transformation was complete. The bright pop of deep red lipstick was the perfect foil to her classic a-line gown and complement to her ruby rose bouquet. After some classic portraits, she read the card that Paul had given her. It made her laugh, it made her cry: it encapsulated their entire relationship. Before it was time for the fantastic Ballroom at the Ben wedding ceremony, Maggie needed a moment with her dad. 

With the weather a bit foul, we found ourselves so grateful for the skywalk in the hotel. A literal tunnel of windows, the bright light illuminated the scene of a happy father beholding his daughter for the first time on her wedding day. After some family shots and bridesmaid fun, it was time to get this woman married. 

Paul, meanwhile, was enjoying a pulled pork sandwich from Reading Terminal Market before donning his dapper white tux jacket. The guys were having a grand old time when the alarm started to sound. A voice came over the loudspeaker saying that there was a situation and that everyone should remain where they are and not use the elevators. Weird. And annoying. The alarm continued to sound for almost a half hour. When it finally died down, we lost no time in getting outside so Paul could make it to the ceremony on time. As we walked out, the alarm sounded again. So we bolted for City Hall and said goodbye to the drama. 

At City Hall, Paul and the guys laughed and passed around a bottle of Miller High Life to get the party started. We didn’t let them get too far before grabbing an Uber. It was time for their fantastic Ballroom at the Ben wedding ceremony. 

The Fantastic Ballroom at the Ben Wedding Ceremony

Before guests began arriving, Maggie was safely hidden away, and Paul was literally locked in the dessert room. As their guests came in and took their seats, Pat and Sean Kelly played beautiful acoustic music to set the scene. 

As Paul made his entrance, there were cheers from the crowd, and he smiled at them. Every bit the man of the hour. But Maggie had him beat. She smiled so brilliantly. All the concerns of the day were flung far from her mind. When she took Paul’s hand, it was a mortal lock. They were beyond excited to have reached this moment. 

They made vows to one another, made each other laugh, made everyone laugh, and then sealed it all with some stunning rings and an epic kiss. We snuck them out to knock out family formals as fast as possible so we could capture some portraits before losing them to the dance floor all night. 

Portraits at the Ballroom at the Ben

There may have been no sunlight, but the Ballroom at the Ben has such breathtaking architecture, it was easy to create beautiful and dramatic portraits inside. Maggie and Paul snuggled up and enjoyed a few minutes (mostly) to themselves. And when we were finished, Maggie made her way back to the bridal suite for a change in hair to switch it up for the reception.

The Fantastic Ballroom at the Ben Wedding Reception

It’s a Meakim family tradition that they always pull some kind of prank at the wedding. Maggie’s dad had teased her about it all leading up to the wedding, but backed down the week of. Saying he hadn’t been able to pull anything off. He reiterated this to her just ahead of walking her down the aisle.

Which made the prank even more epic when Sean Kelly announced that there was a special guest in the house to bring in the bridal party. None other than Philadelphia sports legend, Dan Baker: the longtime PA voice of the Phillies and the Eagles. Maggie freaked out in the best way. The Phillies run in her blood, and Paul is a massive Eagles fan. This was awesome.

With great gusto, Dan called in each member of the bridal party, culminating in thunderous applause as he announced the new Mr and Mrs Paul & Maggie Becker!!!! Before he took his seat, he showed off his Phillies World Series ring and even let them wear it. In the words of Jim Halpert, Guten Prank.

From there, the reception was on. The party was every bit as epic as these two. Time simply flew by and it was time to say farewell for the night.

Maggie & Paul, thank you for trusting us with your memories. We wish you all the best for many years to come!

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