Our 10 Favorite Philadelphia Wedding Venues (& Why We Love Them)

We have the fortune to live and work in a truly incredible place in both time and location. Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, boasts a proud and rich history for our nation and is continuing to forge a path into the future. We have some of the greatest historical sites, cutting edge high-rises and urban architecture, THE most dedicated sports fans, and a commitment to love in it’s many forms. It can be easy to overlook these incredible aspects to the city we call home, but as soon as you start looking through all of the phenomenal Philadelphia wedding venues, it becomes so clear! This is an amazing place to get married!

Philadelphia weddings are in a league of their own. There are so many incredible venues in the city proper that offer a little something for everyone. After years of experience, here’s our updated list of Philadelphia Wedding Venues We Love for couples who want to begin their happily ever after in this amazing place:

1. The College of Physicians – Warm & Cozy Historical Ballroom

Housing the Mütter Museum, the College of Physicians is one of our favorite venues in the city. Every time we are at the College of Physicians, we find something new to love about it. 

The elegant, mahogany-lined ballroom is warmly appointed with wood paneling lining the entire room. There are also lovely oil painting portraits of famous and influential physicians throughout the years. There are so many old world touches, like globe light wall sconces, that just create an atmosphere of elegance.

Adjacent to the ballroom is the library, with its giant stained glass picture windows and wooden catalog drawers filled with all of the cards for the vast medical library on site. This room has some of the most beautiful light in the city and creates a perfect backdrop for indoor wedding ceremonies or an elegant coffee & dessert nightcap.

Beyond the obvious adoration we have for the upstairs of the College of Physicians, you can’t negate the impact that the grand marble staircase will have on your guests as they head to the party.

Looking for a gorgeous place downtown to have an outdoor ceremony? The College of Physicians has you covered there, too! The courtyard is fast becoming one of our favorite spots to get a moment of fresh air amidst the hustle of the city. I It feels like your own private garden. 

With creeping greenery climbing up the brick wall, the courtyard is a natural focal point for your ceremony. The drama the garden creates for the wedding processional gives you the feel of old world elegance in the modern age. More and more, we find our couples are opting to have their ceremony in the courtyard and we couldn’t be happier. 

And, of course, we love that this venue is run by Catering by Design. These consummate professionals always pull out all the stops for their couples! If you want old world style with a touch of drama and bathed in warmth, this is definitely a venue to check out

The College of Physicians • 19 S 22nd St, Philadelphia PA 19103

Ivy covered wall during wedding ceremony at the College of Physicians - Best Philadelphia wedding venues
inside College of Physicians set up for a wedding ceremony in front of fireplace - best Philadelphia wedding venues
sweetheart table, seating card table, and bride standing in beautiful glass window at the College of Physicians - Best Philadelphia Wedding Venues
Cake table and reception table inside the College of Physicians - Best Philadelphia Wedding Venues
dramatic couples portrait inside the college of physician - best philadelphia wedding venues
Reception details inside the ballroom at College of Physicians - Best Philadelphia Wedding Venues

2. The Lucy by Cescaphe

Right in the heart of Center City alongside Broad St, the Lucy by Cescaphe is one of the poshest new venues around. Stylish and warm, we love the multiple levels for your wedding. 

With its highly anticipated launch just a year ago, it’s hard to imagine a best of Philadelphia wedding venues list that wouldn’t include this post new addition!

The beautifully draped ceremony room on the uppermost level, ensures that you are the focus of the ceremony. The long aisle builds the drama of the moment and will give everyone the chance to really soak in your wedding day ensemble. You’ll be on cloud nine as you exchange your vows and rings in the softness of this space. 

Once you’ve tied the knot, you can venture down to the loft that overlooks the fabulous ballroom to soak in the whitewashed brick and marvel at the chevron hardwood flooring. After the mouth-watering cocktail hour has ended, guests will make their way back down the plush stairs to the ballroom. 

We love how the alcoves alongside the dancefloor are lit by hanging brass geometric chandeliers that bring yet another element of style to your wedding. These can also be draped in florals for a truly show stopping look.

As you enjoy the world class Cescaphe hospitality, you’ll soon tear up the dance floor all night. And when you need a chance to cool off, you can sneak outside for the classic shot down Broad Street with just a few steps. This chic venue is sure to leave you wishing you could be there every night! 

The Lucy by Cescaphe • 231 S Broad St, Philadelphia PA 19107

beautiful ceremony in front of floral wall at the Lucy by Cescaphe - Best Philadelphia Wedding Venues
Ballroom details featuring elaborate florals from Beautiful Blooms at the Lucy by Cescaphe - Best Philadelphia Wedding Venues
Details of The Lucy sign, overhead view of reception set up and dance floor at the Lucy by Cescaphe - Best Philadelphia Wedding Venues
Floral details at the Lucy by Cescaphe, bride and groom on the dance floor - Best Philadelphia Wedding Venues
detail of the bar and upper level at the Lucy by Cescaphe - Best Philadelphia Wedding Venues

3. Stotesbury Mansion – The Best Blend of Old World Style Meets Urban Chic

Rittenhouse Square is a popular spot for locals and wedding parties alike but, hidden just half a block away, is one of the hidden jewels of the city – Stotesbury Mansion. Passing it on the street, you’d never suspect that what lies inside is a venue every bit as luxurious as you could hope for. If your vision is a swanky gathering of your closest friends and family while partying the night away like Daisy Buchanan and Jay Gatsby, then this is definitely the venue for you!

This multi story historic mansion is every bit the epitome of old world glamour, beautifully preserved. Built for a descendant of one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence and then bought and renovated by Stotesbury, this magnificent townhome is the pinnacle of old world charm and grace. Around every corner there is fabulous history and romantic lore!

The imported Georgian ballroom is warm and inviting, with towering Corinthian columns to draw your eyes upward to the impressive ceiling. The 14th century Italian fireplace is the perfect backdrop for your wedding cake or to use as a memory table.

There’s a hall of mirrors that originally served during Prohibition as a maze to confuse lawmen seeking to bust some bootleggers. This allowed the wealthy occupants and their friends to continue to enjoy their spirits while dodging John Law. So, bring your pearls and flasks, get your wingtips on, and invite your inner circle to dance the night away with you in the true spirit of the 20’s at this incredible mansion, just steps from Rittenhouse Square.

Stotesbury Mansion • 1923 Walnut St, Philadelphia PA 19103

exterior of Stotesbury Mansion, bride's dress in window, detail of reception table - Best Philadelphia Wedding Venues
Wedding ceremony inside the Georgian Ballroom at Stotesbury Mansion - Best Philadelphia Wedding Venues
Detail of the Dolly Madison fireplace at Stotesbury Mansion - Best Philadelphia Wedding Venues
wedding reception details in the Georgian Ballroom at Stotesbury Mansion - Best Philadelphia Wedding Venues

4. ONE North Broad

ONE North Broad, another Catering by Design exclusive venue, is the historic Masonic Temple in the shadow of City Hall. Tall and proud, it sits regal and opulent. You are hard pressed to find a venue that offers so much under one roof. 

The luxurious checkerboard marble of the Grand Hall that greets you and your guests as they enter, lets everyone know that this will be a night to remember. To the left is the Franklin Ballroom. A stately space with looming marble columns, stained glass windows, and the big man himself, Ben Franklin, overlooking the soiree. The heart and soul of elegant historic Philadelphia. 

In addition to the grand ballroom, the Starlight room is another breathtaking space at ONE North Broad. The magnificent vaulted ceiling is speckled with intricate stars that twinkle down on you and your best friends and closest family as you enjoy a phenomenal cocktail hour. This is a view that won’t soon leave the minds and imaginations of all.

If you have your ceremony on location, the Corinthian room is a spot that will surely stand out among the plethora of churches in the city (though we love them too!). The mild green and unique plush benches that line the room lead your eye to the giant Corinthian columns and statues. Your ceremony is guaranteed to be one of a kind when you bring your own flavor to the “altar.” And although this is the most popular, there are several other ceremony rooms of varying size and designs!

All in all, ONE North Broad stands out among Philadelphia wedding venues, unmatched in history and elegant architecture.

ONE North Broad • One N Broad St, Philadelphia PA 19107

overhead view of bride on the marble checkerboard floor at One North Broad - Best Philadelphia Wedding Venues
Detail of the Corinthian Room at One North Broad - Best Philadelphia Wedding Venues
Details of wedding reception in the Franklin Ballroom at One North Broad - Best Philadelphia Wedding Venues
Dramatic portraits of bride and groom in One North Broad - Best Philadelphia Wedding Venues
Reception details in the Franklin Ballroom at One North Broad, including a bronze statue of Ben Franklin - Best Philadelphia Wedding Venues

5. Ballroom at the Ben – Posh Classic Ballroom

If a truly classic ballroom is your heart’s desire, look no further than, the Ballroom at the Ben. The wonderful balcony and grand staircase allows every bride and groom to feel grandeur as they walk down the aisle. The rich atmosphere is almost palpable. The incredible food served by Finley Catering will blow you away, so make sure you build in time to get to eat. It’s a truly magical place and somewhere we love shooting over and over!

Your celebration begins on the mezzanine overlooking the reception room. No one hosts a cocktail like our dear friends at Finley! The delicious & abundant food is sure to be something your guests remember for a long time to come. A cocktail hour comes to an end, you can leave your guests on the mezzanine while you sneak down into the the ballroom alone. . .

One of the special things about Ballroom at the Ben is the ability to dancew your first dance while your guests look on from the balcony. It’s a unique way to make sure everyone can see you and your love share your first married dance, especially if it’s choreographed! Afterwards, you and your wedding party can make a statement entrance as you come down the grand staircase and bust some moves on the dance floor. The high ceiling and giant dance floor make the Ballroom at the Ben feel grand and ready for a great party. 

If you find that you need a breather from ripping up the dance floor, you can also sneak out to the outdoor balcony for some shots at night to capture some of the city vibe. All this and more makes this Philadelphia venue is an utter delight.

The Ballroom at the Ben • 834 Chestnut St, Philadelphia PA 19107

View from the balcony at the Ballroom at the Ben set up for a wedding reception - Best Philadelphia Wedding Venues
Newly married couples on the dance floor at the Ballroom at the Ben - Best Philadelphia Wedding Venues
Reception table showing off the Ballroom at the Ben - Best Philadelphia Wedding Venues
Reception table showing off the Ballroom at the Ben - Best Philadelphia Wedding Venues
Cake table in the middle of the dance floor at the Ballroom at the Ben - Best Philadelphia Wedding Venues

6. The Arts Ballroom

For a clean, bright, and modern ballroom, the Arts Ballroom is sure to delight! The delicate colors and marble fireplace are so inviting and just waiting for your style to make it sing. 

Even though it feels very intimate, the Arts Ballroom is actually quite large and capable of hosting all your guests without feeling crowded. This is helped by the separate cocktail hour room which is later transformed into a dessert lovers paradise. This is truly a unique find if you have a larger guest list but don’t want to feel disconnected from all your guests. 

The bridal suite upstairs is the perfect place to freshen up before making your fabulous entrance down the staircase. You can be sure that you’ll greet your guests in style as the spotlight follows you down the steps onto your dance floor and sticks with you during your first dance. The room melts away as you share your first dance as a married couple. 

This is another great venue just a short walk from Broad Street. After dark, when the city is all aglow, we love to sneak out for a little mini-session to capture one of Philly’s most iconic sights with the latest love story on display.

Arts Ballroom • 1324 Locust St, Philadelphia PA 19107

Stunning floral arrangement on the reception table at the Arts Ballroom - Best Philadelphia Wedding Venues
wedding reception details of tables and sweetheart table with gobo at the Arts Ballroom - Best Philadelphia Wedding Venues
Ceremony details at the Arts Ballroom & staircase lined with candles - Best Philadelphia Wedding Venues
bride and groom sharing spotlighted first dance, another bride and groom entering down the stairs at the Arts Ballroom with sparklers going off - Best Philadelphia Wedding venues
Overview of the Arts Ballroom set up for a wedding reception - best Philadelphia wedding venues

7. Union Trust

Union Trust (another Finley Catering delight) is in the heart of Downtown Philadelphia, just on the edge of the historic district. This Philadelphia venue is a favorite of ours because of how much it reminds us of the roaring twenties, with it’s fabulous vaulted ceiling & illumintated walls.

The art deco design of the balcony and the stark concrete and glass of the lower level give it the feeling of a speakeasy. Union Trust is the perfect embodiment of an old, regal landmark, infused with fresh, modern vibes. What once served as The Union Trust Company Bank, has been converted into one of the most breathtaking Philadelphia wedding venues we have seen. 

One of our very favorite things about this space is the incredible entrance you and your new spouse will make. Spotlights follow you from the furthest point of the balcony in a wide open window all the way around the balcony and down the grand stairs into your reception! What a statement! Dance the night away while enjoying the sumptuous food and drink from Finley Catering.

Union Trust • 717 Chestnut St, Philadelphia PA 19106

stunning art deco ceiling at the Union Trust - best Philadelphia wedding venues
portrait of bride and groom behind the bar and reflecting off the bar at Union Trust in front of the Love sign - best Philadelphia wedding venues
A overhead view of a wedding ceremony at Union Trust and balcony at Union Trust during cocktail hour - best Philadelphia wedding venues
bride and groom getting announced into their Union Trust Reception with spotlight and more reception details - best Philadelphia wedding venues

8. The Free Library of Philadelphia

In the great works of literature, love is an omnipresent theme. So why not celebrate that most lauded attribute among the greatest love stories there are? The Free Library of Philadelphia is just the place for a perfect bibliophile’s wedding. 

The Grand Foyer is a spectacular place for your marriage ceremony. The brilliant white marble is elegant and timeless. The stage is set for your romance to begin its next chapter as you exchange your vows and say I do. If you have an epic wedding with an ample guest count, you can remain here for your reception. The Beaux Arts architecture and grand feel will spark the imagination for all to write their own story here. 

Upstairs, on the Skyline terrace, the iconic Philadelphia silhouette looms overhead. Another beautiful place for your wedding ceremony or for your cocktail hour. As the evening comes on, the buildings light and the entire terrace is bathed in the warm glow of sparkling lights. 

Just because you make your way inside, doesn’t mean that the views go away. The large glass windows of the Skyline room allow you to celebrate all night in the shadow of giants. This is a fabulous space for those with a more intimate wedding. 

Free Library • 1901 Vine St, Philadelphia PA 19103

portrait of bride and groom outside Free Library at Philadelphia - best Philadelphia Wedding Venues
ceremony details at the Free Library at Philadelphia - best Philadelphia wedding venues
dramatic couples portraits in the Free Library at Philadelphia - best Philadelphia wedding venues
reception tables set up at the Free Library at Philadelphia - best Philadelphia wedding venues
The Skyline Terrace at the Free Library at Philadelphia - best Philadelphia wedding venues
the view of logan circle from the Skyline Terrace at the Free Library at Philadelphia - best Philadelphia wedding venues

9. Loews Philadelphia

We know that there are some people who love the allure of hotel wedding – with the ability to get ready, host your ceremony, party the night away, and then simply hop on an elevator to sleep off the celebration. If this is you to a “T,” the the Loews Philadelphia is a perfect Philadelphia wedding venue for you!

Some of the most spectacular sunsets over the city of Philadelphia are captured from the 33rd floor of the Loews Hotel. Perfect for more intimate weddings or big ballroom blowouts, the Loews is an icon of Philadelphia and a great place for any couple to tie the knot. 

With incredible birds eye view of the city, you and your guests will dance the night away in the clouds. The giant windows make sure that you never forget just how magical the evening was. We also love all of the great nooks for portraits inside the Loews, like the 33rd floor window lined hallway for all the natural light, even on a rainy day. It’s a great place for some portraits should the weather be foul on your wedding day. 

If you plan to pull out all the stops and invite everyone you know to celebrate your love with you, the monumental Millenium Ballroom is the answer! 

This impressive ballroom is a fantastic space for you to dazzle family and friends with a grand reception. Best if accompanied by an incredible band or DJ to really get the party rocking and rolling. There’s more than enough room for everyone to show off their greatest (or worst) dance moves. 

Loews Philadelphia • 1200 Market St, Philadelphia PA 19107

bride and groom kissing on the Millennium Staircase at the Loews Philadelphia with their reflection in the granite - best Philadelphia wedding venues
view from the 33rd floor of the Loews Philadelphia of the sun setting over the city - best Philadelphia wedding venues
reception set up and first dances at the Loews Philadelphia - best Philadelphia wedding venues
sweetheart table on the 33rd floor of the Loews Philadelphia, reception set up and events - best Philadelphia wedding venues
couples portraits in front of the PSFS sign on top of the Loews Philadelphia - best Philadelphia wedding venues
nighttime view of City Hall and Philly skyline from the 33rd floor of the Loews Philadelphia - best Philadelphia wedding venues

10. Tendenza

If you know us, you know that we love the Cescaphe venues so much we wrote a love letter to Cescaphe not too long ago. . . So although we love all of their perfect spaces, we wanted to make room for some of the other amazing Philadelphia wedding venues. But we just couldn’t pass up the chance to praise them at least twice on this list!

If a more modern, sleek venue is your thing, Tendenza is the perfect place to start. The minimalist cocktail hour area is built around an impressive bar to greet all your guests, with floating cocktail tables showcasing some of the hors d’oeuvres that Cescaphe is known for. The exposed brick and poured concrete floor are perfectly in line with the industrial chic vibe. But when the giant glass doors swing open, Tendenza really shines. 

Black and crystal chandeliers, stark modern tables, and metallic tiled pillars lining the room invite you into your modern reception. You and your closest friends and family will make one of a kind memories as you raise a glass together before hitting the dance floor. 

Outside, there’s an exposed brick wall with a super fun mural. This is another great spot for some portraits or great place for guests to take some epic selfies. 

Back inside, the band or DJ has a built in stage and someone is sure to get up there and join them. You may even have some crowd surfing take place (we’ve even seen some moshing!). This venue is a must see for anyone with a little edge.

Tendenza • 969 N 2nd St, Philadelphia PA 19123

bride and groom outside the Piazza side of Tendenza in front of a large mural - best Philadelphia wedding venues
sleek and industrial Tendenza set up for wedding reception - best Philadelphia wedding venues
newlyweds enjoying their wedding reception at Tendenza - best Philadelphia wedding venues
bride and groom out front of Tendenza with sign lit up - best Philadelphia wedding

So there you have it. Whether you are a cutting edge big city trendsetter or a history buff who loves the simple beauty of nature, there’s something in and around Philadelphia for you. We love this place, and we hope to see you at your wedding enjoying this place just as much as we do!

So, what do you think? Did we nail this list of our favorite Philadelphia wedding venues or do you think we missed the mark – we’re always looking to explore new & amazing places, so maybe you’ll be the person to introduce us to our next favorite!

Not sold on the city vibes? No worries. We have our favorite suburban Philadelphia wedding venues right over here!

Planning a wedding around Philadelphia and looking for someone to capture your special day? We’d love to connect with you! We’re now booking selected remaining 2020 & 2021 dates. Tell us more about your day here:

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