What to do if COVID-19 is Affecting Your Wedding

It’s on everyone’s mind. It’s all over the news. Hell, it’s affecting the entire world. COVID-19 swept onto the scene and with it far reaching effects on couples planning their wedding. Chief of which is having to postpone their wedding day. This sucks and we are 100% in your corner and want to help you as you navigate these tricky waters. So, we reached out to Jen Supper, an event planner and coordinator at Kaleidoscope Weddings for her expertise. Here are the first five things you should do if your wedding is affected by COVID-19. 

First, check with your venue about postponement policy no less than four months out.

Call your venue and find out what their postponement policy is. You should ask when you need to make a decision by as well as how far out they are allowing couples to reschedule. Each venue will differ in what they offer. Some may offer Fridays or Sundays, some may let you book into the next calendar year, others may have very limited availability. Once you have this information you can begin to move through the other steps.

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Second, evaluate potential reschedule dates. 

Gather your immediate family over Zoom or FaceTime or on the phone and discuss what the top two or three dates for postponement are. If you have a wedding planner, they should be involved in this initial conversation as well. Selecting a couple options allows you the freedom to coordinate with the important people in your life as well as move into step number three.

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Thirdly, check with your other vendors.

Once you have your alternate dates figured out amongst yourselves and your family, you need to reach out to your other vendors to see if those dates are free. It may be helpful to make a list of deal breakers where, if someone isn’t available for that date, you can’t do without them. This will help as reschedule dates begin filling up calendars for later in the year into the following. So, check in with your vendors about their availability. 

Fourth, pick a reschedule date.

After you have asked all your vendors for their availability, pick a new date that works best and fits your priorities as a couple. Before you reach out to your vendors, pick a “pull the trigger date” for yourselves in conjunction with your wedding planner/venue. Then, reach out to everyone who is available for that date and ask them to put a hold on it for you. When you do, communicate that decision deadline date so your vendors are able to follow up with you if necessary. Keep a close eye on stay at home orders and state/nationwide mandates surrounding COVID-19 as you draw close to your decision date. 

Fifth, remember that your vendors are here for you!

We really are! You are all so important to us and we want you to know what we care deeply about how this is affecting your wedding experience. Chances are, years from now, you’ll be part of a small group of folks who proudly tell of how they overcame COVID-19 to have the most amazing wedding experience in the world. But, in the here and now, we know that this is a tough and sucky situation for most. Please know that we are here for you and ready to assist in any way we are able. 

In that vein, if you don’t have a wedding planner, reach out to Jen at Kaleidoscope Weddings. She is an invaluable resource and the perfect person to add to your wedding day team to make sure everything is just as awesome as you hoped it would be, no matter when or where your wedding takes place. 

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