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Philadelphia Art Museum Engagement | Jaimee Moore + Mark Hatcher

One of the most popular spots in Philadelphia is the Art Museum. The famed steps, which many a Rocky fan has run up, are an instantly recognizable landmark for all. The architecture of the museum itself and its courtyard are classic scenes asking for players to fill them. And around back there’s the azalea gardens. Which burst into color in the early summer. It was here and then that we photographed Jaimee and Mark’s engagement session.

Their Love Story

Jaimee wrote a lovely summation of how they fell in love. It’s too beautiful not to share here.

“On Valentine’s Day 2015, I received anonymous flowers with a card attached that read “To My Future Forever Valentine.”…. For over a week I questioned my co-workers, family members, and the florist about who sent the flowers. 9 days after the flowers as I was picking up my boss from the airport, I heard someone say, “excuse me ma’am, can I give you a ride home?’ I turned around and it was Mark. Needless to say I abandoned my boss and his wife. At that moment Mark revealed that he sent me the flowers. He then began to tell me the depth of his love revelation as we sat in his car for almost 2 hours outside of the baggage claim.

For the last 2 years my early blooming love was met by Mark’s late blooming love, and our love is now growing in lockstep, intertwined together. He is my Love. I am his Bae. He is my B-One (Bearded One). I am his B-One (Beautiful-One). He is my Honey Bunches. I am his Honey Bun. He is my Nubian King. I am His Nubian Queen. He is my Heart. I am his Heart. So on February 8, 2017 , he decided that we needed a status change. With three meaningful gifts he declared his love, dedication, and desire. A photo album that held images of our past memories, an embroidered blanket to keep me warm and memorialize the present moment, with the question “Will you be my future forever Valentine?” and “February 8, 2017” etched into the fabric. And, last but not least a ring with 3 settings and these words engraved inside: “Past, Present, Future.” Of course I said yes!”

Their Art Museum Engagement Session

Every minute of their engagement session around the Philadelphia Art Museum was filled with love and laughs. They joyfully shared their love story with us. Sparing no detail. The ebb and flow of their relationship was something unique. They were always on the same page, with complementary perspectives. And they are crazy about each other. There wasn’t a moment they weren’t smiling at each other. Or all out laughing. Any time we asked for them to kiss, they were happy to oblige. So we kept asking!

We are so excited to shoot their wedding at the Regal Ballroom on Friday! We can’t wait to see what surprises they have in store.

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