4 Ways to Avoid Pulling Your Hair Out While Wedding Planning

There’s often two reactions we get from couples as they begin to plan their wedding. They’re either really excited and having a great time with it, or they’re starting to pull their hair out. That’s something we’d love to help you avoid if we can! Here’s our top tips for avoiding stress while planning your wedding!

Decide if you need a wedding planner, a day of coordinator, or only the venue coordinator. 

There’s a difference between all these roles in making your day run smoothly. A wedding planner is someone you’d hire quickly. They’ll help you create a cohesive vision, listen to your desires and dreams, and recommend professionals to make those dreams a reality. They will curate a team and coordinate with them on your behalf so that you can be the visionary and not have to stress about the nitty gritty details. 

If that’s not necessary for you, a day of coordinator may be something you’d consider. They’re your girl Friday on the wedding day. You will have spoken to them prior about the wedding day flow, what needs to go where and when, and then you let them shepherd you through your day. This allows you the freedom to really relax and not worry about the details. 

If that’s not a piece of the puzzle you want or need, your venue coordinator will help with the reception formalities and making sure that things run smoothly there. And us, your trusty wedding photographer. We’ll help to make sure that you run smoothly and on time. 

Pick what matters most to you, fight those battles hard, and let the rest go.

When I was planning my wedding, one of the things I cared most about was the photography. I knew I needed someone to capture these memories and I knew exactly who I wanted. That was my personal battle. It was what I cared about most – besides my husband. My husband’s hill to die on was the food. There was no compromise for him. He knew who he wanted and what he wanted. As a result, we have incredible photos and still get compliments on the food years later. Things that we didn’t fight on, tuxes versus suits. Band or DJ. We came to agreements and we compromised when needed. 

I can’t stress enough that if you choose to fight every battle, wedding planning will become a burdensome chore instead of the fun and exciting experience it should be. In a similar vein is the next tip.

Hire someone you trust and then let them do what they do best: create. 

The wedding industry is such a unique place to function as a creative. We love bringing our creativity to bear on your wedding day, but we hold that in close tension with realizing your wedding day vision. A florist that loves their work cannot wait to create a gorgeous bouquet just for you. But if you find yourself printing a 3D model of what you want your bouquet to look like, it can feel like you don’t trust them. Rather, talk with your professionals about your vision, listen to some of their ideas and collaborate to bring the best idea to fruition. Some of our happiest brides are the brides who said, “this is sort of what I was thinking, can you make it awesome?’ and they were blown away by what their florist or photographer or band was able to do. 

Floral details of colorful bridal bouquet and grooms boutonniere
Elegant bridal portrait with unique large bouquet and long greenery
pink, red, and green bouquet from Robertson's Flowers with peace lilies and palm greens

Remember why you’re getting married in the first place.

When things seem hard or stressful, look at your fiance. Take time to relive some of the magic moments of your relationships. Rehearse what it is that you love about them. Imagine what your future together looks like after the wedding. Find something about them that you’re thankful for. Remember why you are getting married. This will help you have perspective when something isn’t exactly as you’d like. You found your person, and you’re gonna marry the hell out of them. And that is a beautiful thing. 

Bride and groom looking and smiling at each other portrait
Outdoor wedding portrait with bride showing off her tuxedo
Groom leading bride down the stairs of the Rodin Museum
Bride and groom walking through the tunnels at Philadelphia City Hall

As you plan your wedding, what is something about your partner that you’ve grown to love more? 

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