What is an Intimate Wedding & Should I Consider Having One?

Have you ever wondered if a small wedding is a better fit for you than a large scale one? Intimate weddings and micro weddings are increasingly popular these days, and there’s quite a few reasons why they’re trending. But first things first, what even is an intimate or micro wedding? 

Intimate weddings typically have 50-75 people in attendance, or less, whereas micro weddings max out around 20 guests total. An intimate wedding tends to be a bit more in line with a traditional wedding day feel. Usually a more traditional ceremony followed by an evening reception. Micro Weddings lean towards a little more personalization and follow a less traditional structure. But both have many of the same benefits and may be a great option for you to consider as you plan your wedding!

Lower Cost 

These smaller style weddings can have a huge impact on your wallet, in a good way! Even if you splurge a bit more on taking your guest’s experience to the next level, you’re sure to still save as most venues charge per guest. There’s less decorations needed, fewer favors, even saving on invites adds up! Use these savings to start hunting for the perfect house, pay off student loans, travel, or set up a nest egg for your future! 

Less Stress

Not only will a smaller wedding save you money, it will also save your sanity. True you’ll have to put a little more thought into the guest list, but you’ll save stress by planning the wedding you really want, instead of compromising to fit the budget. You’ll have time to devote to enjoying excellent food, wonderful entertainment, and making sure your memories are preserved for all time. Both during the planning process and on your wedding day. 

More Personal

Weddings with a small guest count open up a world of possibilities for your wedding day! 

  • With fewer folks to feed, you can blow them away with an incredible meal or give them the option of ordering something custom. 
  • You could dazzle with an incredible floral installation for your ceremony that doubles as your reception centerpiece. 
  • More people who love you will be able to offer a few words in your honor (if that’s something you’d like). 
  • With less pressure to conform to traditional wedding norms, you can wear that cocktail length wedding dress or that fabulous jumpsuit. 

There’s really no end to the amount of customization available with a small wedding. 

If all that wasn’t enough, here’s a not so fun reality that needs to be mentioned. COVID-19. The simple fact is that intimate celebrations will be allowed to happen before larger ones. While we hope that these restrictions ease sooner than later, we do know that it will take time. If you’re planning a wedding in the near future, an intimate or microwedding may just be the answer for you. 

Whatever the cause may be, we love intimate and microweddings! This is a trend we hope continues, even after social distancing becomes a thing of the past. 

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