Windsor Ballroom Wedding | Letha Jackson & Joseph Smith

The day Letha reached out to us about her wedding, we did a happy dance. We had met her the year before at her son Briian’s wedding to Yani, and were so glad for her to have found Joe. They planned a beautiful and fun wedding at the Windsor Ballroom, and it was awesome!

Getting Ready

Letha was a little nervous when we arrived. Just a couple pre-wedding jitters. As we started capturing her details and the bustling beauties getting ready, she settled in. It was a delight to see her children and grandchildren watch her don her white gown. After a few classic bridal portraits, she made her way downstairs to marry her man.

Joe hadn’t been idle. He and his sons were together, making sure he looked sharp. Once his buttons were done, his jacket on, and shoes were tied, he opened the letter from Letha along with a special gift. The dazzling watch was beautiful, but the letter a work of art. That sealed it. He was ready to meet his bride.

blue and lace invitation suite with wedding rings laid on top
royal blue wedding handkerchief, gold shoes, and brides dress hanging
bride, maid of honor, and flower girls getting ready for the wedding ceremony
Bride reaching for her wedding dress
bride getting final makeup touches and shoes on, adorable flower girl
groom getting dressed for his wedding day
groom and groomsmen portraits out in the courtyard at the Windsor Ballroom
outdoor groom portrait in the courtyard of the Windsor Ballroom

The Ceremony at the Windsor Ballroom

As the music started, Joe literally danced down the aisle. We’ve never seen a groom groove his way to the altar like this before. It made everyone cheer. And when Letha made her grand entrance, walking a little way with each son, the cheers grew louder.

Their vows were a beautiful blend of gratitude and promise. It was a long road for both of them, and they didn’t want the moment to pass unacknowledged. Their first married kiss raised the roof. We made quick work of family formals so we could steal the lovebirds away for a few portraits around the Windsor Ballroom.

groom dancing down the aisle and wiping away a tear from his eye during the wedding ceremony at Windsor Ballroom
flower girls and ring bearer walking down the aisle
bride being escorted down the aisle by her three sons
bride and groom holding hands during their wedding ceremony at the Windsor Ballroom
bride and groom exchanging vows and rings, and sharing their first married kiss at the Windsor Ballroom
bride and groom coming back up the aisle as newlyweds

Portraits & Reception at Windsor Ballroom

Despite the cold, we ventured outside to the courtyard for some pictures of the newlyweds. They snuggled up for warmth and were so sweet that we were able to make short work of it before heading inside.

Once inside, we prepared for the reception. And it was amazing! The bridal party fired up the already fired up crowd and Letha and Joe walked in to tremendous cheers. They shared a tender first dance ahead of toasts in their honor. Joe’s mom got her boogie shoes on for their dance, and Letha shared a darling mother-son dance with all of her boys. Briian even got on one knee to kiss her hand. From their table, his very pregnant (literally gave birth the next day) wife, Yani, watched with a grin.

Once the dance floor opened, there was no stopping it. Everyone was there to bring the biggest and best moves they could. Time flew as we captured the fun and joy.

traditional portrait of bride and groom on their wedding day
black and white outdoor night time portraits of bride and groom in the courtyard of the Windsor Ballrooma
outdoor night time portrait of newlyweds in the courtyard of the Windsor Ballroom
romantic portrait of bride and groom under the chandelier of the Windsor Ballroom
romantic portrait of bride and groom under the chandelier of the Windsor Ballroom
collage of details from Windsor Ballroom including royal blue florals and sparkly linens
bridal party and bride and groom entering the Windsor Ballroom wedding reception
first dance for bride and groom at their Windsor Ballroom wedding reception
groom dancing with his mom, bride dancing with her three sons
toasts and thank you speeches during the Windsor Ballroom wedding reception
cake cutting at the Windsor Ballroom wedding reception
collage of wedding reception dancing at the Windsor Ballroom
outdoor night time portrait with blue light on tree

Letha and Joe, congratulations on your marriage and the new grandbaby, Tre!

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