A Day in the Life: of the Doyle Family

I love photographing families. It is such a beautiful experience to watch someone interact with their family and to show them the beautiful moments. And then get to share some of their story. However, you’ll notice that these pictures don’t include the faces of the children and that they’re referred to as Big Sister and Little Sister. That is because we understand and respect the right of all people to keep their lives private in whatever way they choose. In this particular instance, mom and dad asked if we could refrain from posting identifiable images of their daughters, and we are happy to oblige. We’d love to do the same for you and your Day in the Life photography session!  

While I haven’t had the chance to be together in person a lot since they started their family, I am nonetheless extremely grateful to call them friends. Dad was one of the best men at our wedding, and my childhood best friend. All through grade school and beyond, we were inseparable. So, when his wife reached out to me about getting some photos done before they moved across the state, I was all about it! We talked about the different sessions styles we offer, and they settled on a Day in the Life photography session. And I’m so glad they did!

You may think that this is an unfair advantage, having a prior relationship with a family. But the truth is, it had a minimal impact on their Day in the Life session. I’d never met their children, and it had been years since we had the chance to be together. Plus, there’s always this inherent sense that I need to be entertained or that you have to perform while I’m there. And my friends were no exception. So allow me to say it again. You don’t have to entertain me, host me, perform for me, or do anything that puts pressure on you and your family because I’m there. You do you, and I’ll create beautiful photographs of you doing it. 

I know it’s a difficult thing, it feels impolite. But it is important. These Day in the Life sessions are meant to be stress free and fun. So one more time for those in the back, you don’t have to worry about me. Just be yourselves. It’s my job to discover the moments and beauty and capture it for you.

So when I arrived at the Doyle’s, their morning routine was getting underway. Dad was feeding Little Sister her morning bottle, and nursing his own coffee. Big Sister wasn’t yet awake, and it was a really peaceful and still moment. No phone scrolling, just Dad with Little Sister on his lap, making sure she was drinking it well. 

Mom went upstairs to get Big Sister. When I peered into the darling nursery, Big Sister was sitting up in bed. Bleary eyes, tousled hair, clutching her stuffed animals. That’s basically how I feel every morning, minus the stuffed animals. When we all went back downstairs, Dad made breakfast for Big Sister, who then sat high in her high chair, surveying the land. After some encouragement from Dad, the oatmeal was eaten with little protest. 

I think the thing that stands out most to me, was watching Big Sister interact with her parents. She and Little Sister are very close in age, less than a year apart. So, she doesn’t play with her too much yet. Instead, she gravitates towards her parents. And they are amazing. They both get down on her level and engage with her. Playing meaningfully, reading together, and doing things that engage her with Little Sister. 

Then, disaster struck, as it always does for little ones. Big Sister fell down. The world shattered. She ran to Mom for comfort and hugs. But she was not to be consoled. So Dad grabbed a blanket and offered her a safe space to talk to him about it. She refused. And so she stood in front of both her parents, crying. This is one of my favorite parts of the day if I’m being totally honest. As a mom myself, I understand the moments like these. When your little one is wailing because of something that happened fifteen minutes ago, and you sit there in total bewilderment, because you’ve done all that you should and can do, and now it’s up to them to settle down. Mom’s face is that of ultimate concern, and Dad is at a loss. But that’s just the way it is sometimes. 

Then, it was naptime for Little Sister, so I followed Dad upstairs while he put her down. I know I’m heavily biased here, but watching one of my dearest friends sing a lullaby to his youngest daughter to help settle her to sleep was a moment that brought incredible joy to my heart. And it’s an image that he and his wife adore from their Day in the Life session. I hope it’s something that Little Sister treasures as she grows as well. 

We ended with some playtime outside and letting their energetic French Bulldog out to play for a bit. There were still the occasional tears from Big Sister as she was prevented from running out into the street at will, and when the dog head butted her. The best moment was when Big Sister tried to give the dog her bone, and instead, licked it. Both parents missed it, but figured it out when she pulled a sour face. Kids are hilarious. 

Their overall Day in the Life session experience started a bit stiff. That’s why these sessions are geared towards spending more time together. If it takes friends of mine a while to loosen up, it will probably take you a little bit to feel comfortable as well. And that’s ok! The sessions are designed to allow for the natural relaxing to happen as I continue to gain your trust. Once everyone got used to my presence, the beautiful and real moments began to happen, and I was able to capture them. I want to do the same for your family! 

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mother smiling at her baby girl, day in the life session
mom with baby on playmat during day in the life family session
dad sings a lullaby to his baby girl, day in the life family session
dad playing with his daughter with a blanket, day in the life family session
mom and dad staring at their crying daughter during their day in the life family session
mom and dad helping their daughter in the kitchen during their day in the life family session
mom swinging her daughter during their day in the life family session
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