How Our Studio Is Handling COVID-19

Let’s all start by saying that this was not the 2020 that we signed up for.

We had dozens of amazing couples sharing their most important memories with us, several of our past couples who were welcoming new additions to their families, and so many amazing plans for the AGP to launch a few new, big projects.

Then came COVID-19 and all hell broke loose.

Suddenly, life came to a screeching halt and couples were having to press pause on their wedding plans, too. By the end of March, I spent more time with crying and distraught clients on the phone in one week than I had encountered in my entire career. And my heart was breaking every day.

Without a warning, our studio had to find a way to balance procedure with compassion and find a way to take care of our couples (aka our AGP family) through one of the biggest disappointments imaginable. We had to give up our intimate planning meetings over coffees or cocktails and trade them in for FaceTime calls and Google Hangouts. We can’t collaborate around the office with one another and bounce ideas; instead we slack all our thoughts and talk through comments on our Google Docs. Life has been truly different.

It’s my hope that when this all passes, as all things must, our team will be known for being proactive, supportive, and keeping things just about as stress-free as they can be. . . In other words, our strengths in “normal” wedding seasons have been amplified in challenging times.

But it put one question at the forefront of my mind. And I hope that it has put the question in the mind of couples planning for their big celebrations.

“If my wedding is affected by COVID-19 (or another unforeseen disaster of a grand scale), how will we be cared for through the experience?”

It’s the first question all couples should be asking their wedding professionals as they plan their weddings.

Here are just a few of the policies that our team has put in place for our couples affected by COVID-19.

Beyond these policies, we’re also working with our couples to pivot their current wedding plans into events that are legal and safe, but also feel like something special. We’ve created an entire series of resources about intimate weddings and have experience with elopements, micro weddings, and intimate weddings, even when they weren’t the only options for complying with government guidelines. We’ve been able to customize coverage and offer intimate collections for couples celebrating on a smaller scale now until they can get to their blow out bash at a later date.

No Fees or Costs for Rescheduling weddings Until June 30, 2021.

For any couple who has to reschedule their wedding right now, we’re not charging any fees or retainers to move to any date between now and June 30, 2021. When we say any date, we mean it – “prime” Saturdays in the spring, holiday weekends, and everything in between. We are honoring our signed agreements/collections without any exception for our available dates.
Should you need to reschedule your wedding between June 30, 2021 and December 31, 2021, there will be a new retainer required, but it all applies toward your final balance so you won’t pay any extra for the new date.
And there isn’t a limit on how soon your wedding has to be to make the choice to reschedule – as long as your decision is made, we’re ready to reschedule you!

Complimentary Date Hold for any wedding within the next 10 weeks.

We’re letting ANY couple with a wedding scheduled within the next ten weeks (rolling) to put a soft hold on a backup date with in our rescheduling window.
While a soft hold isn’t a guarantee of availability, it does mean that we’ll give you a heads up with 48 hours before we will offer a proposal to a new client for your date. If you decide to move forward on your held date with in that window, we’ll lovingly pass on the new client to another photographer on our team.

If There is a Photographer Available on Your Backup Date, They are Available to You.

If you originally opted to work with one of our associate photographers for your wedding day, but need to reschedule for a date with only I am available, I’ll be there for you. This isn’t a season of life where we’re looking to nickel and dime over small costs.
I truly understand the constraints of wedding budgets. (I actually opted for an intimate wedding to help manage costs). So if you have to reschedule and your original associate photographer isn’t available, I will be your photographer.
If you have to reschedule and we were supposed to work together, but I am not personally available, not only will my associate team take excellent care of you, but your final payment will be reduced by the difference in our cost.

We’re Making It As Easy As We Can To Pick A New Date.

We’ve gone ahead and made this master spreadsheet of our team’s availability for couples to access when choosing their new date. We’re hoping that it will save you precious time and a number of emails as you try to navigate a new wedding date with your entire professional team.
As new contracts and rescheduled weddings are added to our calendars, the availability is updated immediately, so you have an overview of when each of us will be available to be with you on your special day.

We Will Update Your Payment Schedule So It Revolves Around Your New Date

While we understand that like many other people, photographers and other wedding professionals are hurting financially during this crisis. We have luckily built a strong business, have worked on promotions to support both us and our couples, and have been fortunate enough to access resources for support.
All that to say, we don’t want to put anyone under financial stress when they’re suffering enough emotional stress from rescheduling their wedding. If you have to reschedule your wedding, all of your payments will move relative to the updated date.

Are you finding yourself in a bind from your rescheduled wedding or on the fence about whether or not to reschedule? We earned our expertise from years of experience working with hundreds of couples and we would be honored to have the chance to guide you through these unprecedented time. Reach out to us today to talk more about what we can do for your wedding.

xo Ashley

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