Do I Need a Second Photographer for My Intimate Wedding?

Intimate weddings are fabulous and we LOVE capturing them. It’s all the excitement and drama of a wedding day condensed down in a distilled form. Intimate weddings & micro weddings are unique and each one has its own set of needs. One of the biggest questions you’ll face is, do I need one photographer or two? 

Why having two photographers is the bees knees:

Your intimate/micro wedding may have a tiny guest list, but you may still want to have two photographers. Are you getting ready in different locations? Having a second shooter means that you can both get ready at the same time, instead of having to wait for one photographer to show up, or trying to keep your suit crisp for hours before the ceremony. 

A second photographer also provides alternate perspectives on crucial moments. The beautiful and iconic photograph of the moment you walk down the aisle is only one side of the coin. There’s also the dramatic shot from the back of your fiancé waiting at the altar for you to get there. 

How important are your guests to you? Probably pretty important if you’re having an intimate wedding. Your primary photographer is focused on you and capturing your experience of your wedding day, while the second shooter has a greater ability to capture the experience of those around you. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to look through your photos and remember just how much fun everyone had? 

We have had the privilege of capturing a microwedding with only 14 people in attendance with two photographers. The amount of joy and love that came through in those photographs was astonishing. It was important to our couple that we capture everyone and their unique experience of their wedding day. Having two photographers made that possible. 

If you are concerned with having two people be part of such an intimate occasion with you, perhaps standing out or being obtrusive, fear not. We are experts at fading into the background. It isn’t about us, it’s about you and your memories being created. 

When having one photographer is the way to go

Perhaps you read through the scenarios above and are thinking to yourself, I think one photographer could work for us. It very well might! 

For intimate weddings where longer hours aren’t required to capture all you’d like, one photographer would be a good option. If you are getting ready in the same place, together or in separate suites, it’s easy for one person to get from one to the next in short order. 

Doing a first look can also open up avenues for having a solo photographer. This means they’ll have a chance to capture you and your guests enjoying cocktail hour, instead of keeping you for portraits. Our photographers are excellent at capturing a well rounded wedding experience for you, even when working solo. 

So, which is right for you? Let’s talk about it! 

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