Small Wedding, Big Party: How to Crank up the Celebration at Your Intimate Wedding

You may think that having an intimate wedding means that your reception will be a yawn. Afterall, there’s less people so that must mean less fun, right? Absolutely not! There’s so much you can do with your intimate or microwedding that wouldn’t be possible with a larger group of people. Here’s 5 reasons smaller guest lists can lead to an amazing wedding celebration!

Smaller guest lists usually mean more money to spend per guest

This is pretty self explanatory. Most venues charge by your final headcount, so if you have fewer guests, the higher end options become more attainable. You can pull out all the stops with an amazing venue and top shelf open bar. You can wow with the decor, customizing it to your guests with showstopping pieces like laser cut names as place cards or watercolor menus. You can use these extra funds to personalize your intimate wedding so that everyone remembers this as a shared experience that drew everyone closer together. 

Intimate guest lists let the truly important people in your lives feel comfortable cutting loose.

We’ve all seen it. There’s a group of people at a wedding reception, sitting at their table because they know each other and it feels safe. What if you could make everyone feel safe enough to really enjoy themselves? That’s exactly what an intimate wedding gives you a chance to do. With a smaller guest count and friend groups that are likely to get along well, your friends may very well become friends with each other! In which case, you are all going to enjoy a wonderful time together celebrating. 

Intimate weddings don’t have to skip anything.

In fact, you may be able to add more! Although, if only one or two people are unmarried, maybe forego the bouquet/garter toss. Awkward. But seriously, instead of spending time moving guests from cocktail hour to the reception, or worrying about ferrying lots of people from the ceremony to the reception, you can use that time to experience more of your wedding day. Instead of having just a best man toast, you may be able to allow more folks to offer a few words in your honor. You could share a dance with everyone. You’d have time to thank everyone for being there in a more specific way. So, do it all, as much as you want. 

Micro weddings can take the food to a whole new level!

People often remember wedding food, but not because it was amazing. Why not change that? With a smaller guest count, you could reserve a table at an amazing restaurant and let each guest order whatever strikes their fancy. Perhaps there’s a chef or caterer with incredible selections that you’d be able to bring in for an intimate dinner reception. A more intimate guest list opens up great opportunities for exquisite food and immaculate presentation. Your wedding is sure to be Instagrammable with delicious delights like these! 

Intimate weddings can take place in a truly unique environment.

When you think of a wedding venue, most times you think of a fabulous ballroom beautifully appointed. But, with an intimate guest list, these ballrooms can feel cavernous and empty. So, you get the chance to find something off the beaten path, or use a part of a venue that not many get to experience. Backyard weddings can be a beautifully unique way to celebrate your “I do’s”. A world of possibilities opens up for intimate wedding locations. 

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