The Ballroom at Ellis Preserve Wedding | Stephanie DeCrescente & Keith Haviland

Stephanie and Keith’s wedding at the Ballroom at Ellis Preserve was something we had been looking forward to for a long time! When Rachel got the excited “I got my wedding dress today!” text, she knew that it was going to be a really fun day with some awesome people!

Getting Ready for the Wedding

When we arrived, Stephanie gave us a huge hug and welcomed us to the fun. All her bridesmaids were really fun and everyone was cheerful and excited. She quickly handed us her invitation and all the other details she had. The Ballroom at Ellis Preserve has so many beautiful places to photograph details so we were spoiled for choice. But really, what is better than a stunning marble? After all the details were captured, we turned our attention to getting Stephanie into her dress. Her lace open back dress fit like a glove and when it was zipped, only her mother and sister were there. In a fun surprise, we brought the bridesmaids back in with their eyes closed. They waited with bated breath for the go, and when they saw Stephanie in her dress, jaws hit the floor. It really brought home the moment that their friend was a bride on her wedding day. Before the guys arrived, we had Stephanie’s dad do a first look with her too. We’d be lying if we said we didn’t tear up a bit behind our cameras as he hugged her and his eyes sparkled with tears of his own. We love moments like that! 

Meanwhile, just next door at the hotel, Keith was having a good time with Liam getting ready. Maybe a tad skeptical to begin, he quickly warmed to having his photo taken and we could see the excitement building as we got ready for the first look. He looked incredibly sharp in his suit and so we delayed no longer in getting him set for his first look with Stephanie.

The First Look at the Ballroom at Ellis Preserve

By one of the lovely stone buildings on the property, in the glow of golden autumn light, Stephanie made her way to where Keith was standing. She was radiant as she floated towards him. When her hand touched his shoulder, he held it for a moment before turning to see her. When he did, his eyes welled and ran over with the joy of the moment. Hers too. This was a moment they’d planned for a long time, waited for, hoped would be beautiful, and we watched it blow their minds. When the tears had been brought under control, we toured the lovely property at the Ballroom at Ellis Preserve for their couples portraits before bringing bridal party and family out to capture ahead of the ceremony. Gotta have that cocktail hour food! Then we stowed them away safely as guests began to pull in and got set for their outdoor ceremony.

The Outdoor Ceremony

The stage couldn’t have been more perfectly set at the Ballroom at Ellis Preserve. The weather was warm in the sun but cooling as it sank lower in the sky. The arch had been handmade by Keith’s father and the florist brought it to another level. On a small table sat a custom box with a bottle of Stephanie and Keith’s favorite wine that would be a key part of their ceremony in just a few short moments. 

When guests were all seated, Keith and his groomsmen entered the ceremony. It was apparent that Keith was feeling the weight of the moment again. He stood stoically as the ladies made their way down the aisle. The tears came again when Stephanie came into view. She beamed as she and her father strolled down the aisle, arm in arm. Keith’s brother and best man was also teary eyed. The moment was here!

Their minister performed all the typical marriage ceremony rites with a special one for the two of them. They each had written a note to the other to be enclosed with a bottle of their favorite wine – wine being something they bonded over at the start of their relationship. This bottle and the letters were to be opened at a time of their choosing. Either when they were celebrating together or needed a reminder of their love in tough times. 

Once the letters had been locked in their box, they sealed the entire moment with an epic kiss. As the walked back down the aisle as Doctor and Mrs, cheers were raised and they couldn’t help but beam with joy. 

The Reception at the Ballroom at Ellis Preserve

Stephanie and Keith’s reception at the Ballroom at Ellis Preserve was one that will linger with us for a while. Besides the typical formalities, Stephanie’s dad stole the show with his toast. Keith had gifted all the guys involved with the wedding champagne sabres. Stephanie’s dad made good use of his as he sabred a champagne bottle to toast the newlyweds. Another favorite thing of ours was that someone had painted a bunch of wooden spoons to look like microphones! Every song became a singalong as these were passed around the dance floor. What a great idea!

At the end of the night, they didn’t want us to go! It really felt like we’d become part of the family and they refused to let us head out before we shared a toast with them to cap off the evening. 

Stephanie and Keith – you both are wonderful people surrounded by wonderful people. It was a deep pleasure to capture your wedding day and we love the friendship that was kindled with you both! Here’s to many years of awesomeness together!

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