Mazell + Jared • Married {part three}

Mazell and Jared tied the knot in a Jewish ceremony held at the Bellevue Hotel right on Broad Street in Philadelphia. One of the highlights is always the signing of the ketubah which is the marriage agreement between the betrothed. It is not just a legal document, it is a piece of art as well. It is meant to be on display for all to see when they enter Mazell and Jared’s home and a constant reminder of the vows they pledged on the day of their marriage for all time. Their ketubah was delicate scrolling leaves and branches that had been cutout and overlaid on a gold background. An incredibly beautiful piece that wonderfully reflected their own classic style. Following the ketubah is the traditional ceremony under the chuppah. Both sets of parents stand beside their children under this canopy that symbolizes their new home together. The marriage is a family affair, both parents affirming their children in their decision to wed, and standing in support of them as they made their vows. After the exchange of rings and the seven blessings, the glass is stomped and a mighty mazel tov! is raised. Then comes the party!

Mazell and Jared surprised their guests with a unique treat at the reception. Traditional Georgian dancers. They performed several dances that showcased love, unity, vitality and joy. The ornate costumes and the technical footwork were mesmerizing and held the audience captive in the swirl of fabric and color. When they were finished, the rest of the crowd couldn’t wait to get to the dance floor and soon the night was in full swing. After many songs, including a rousing Hora for the newlyweds, the night was spent. We left knowing that it was not truly the end, but just the beginning of a long and vital life for this incredible couple.

Mazell and Jared, we wish you the very best in your first year as man and wife! Thank you for letting us be part of such a beautiful day!


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