Moshulu Wedding | Deirdre Brett & Gabe Milrood

From the very moment we first spoke with Deirdre and Gabe, we knew that their Moshulu wedding was going to be off the hook. (Sea what I did there?) 

But seriously, it’s rare to meet two such genuine and head over heels people who just can’t help but take incredible photographs. 

Getting Ready at the Hilton Penn’s Landing 

Armed with the room numbers an ecstatic Deirdre had texted us the night before, we were able to buzz right up to where she and her bridesmaids were in the final stages of getting ready for this epic Moshulu wedding day. Deirdre was all smiles and gave us a huge hug when she threw open the door to let us in. Her hair and makeup was perfection and she excitedly showed us her details. All the beauty! The sweetest little blue bird charm as her something blue, it rested perfectly on the heirloom ring she would later use to marry Gabe. Far and away though, the show stopper was her incredible dress. A Made With Love gown that fit her perfectly. The delicate lace and the plunging neckline was the perfect combination of elegance and drama. And when she put it on, wow. Wow, wow, wow. All dressed up with somewhere to go. It was time for the first look at Race St Pier before heading to the Moshulu.

Golden and white wedding invitation with bridal accessories, purse, heels, perfume, wedding rings, and hair piece
Wedding bands and engagement rings next to bride and grooms name on wedding invitation
Little blue bird in brides ring on bridal florals
Custom jean jacket with brides name painted and wedding bands
Bridal wedding gown hanging in window with lace and jewel detail
Bride laughing with bridesmaids in matching monogram embroidered shirts
Bride popping champagne with bridesmaids in matching monogram shirts
Bride admiring and reaching for her wedding gown
Bridesmaids helping bride into gown and bride putting on her earrings
Window lit bridal portrait of bride putting on her earrings
Traditional window lit bridal portraits with white and green bouquet
Traditional window lit bridal portrait with long dress train and bridal bouquet

But we can’t forget about Gabe. Deirdre’s tall, dark, and handsome groom was having a good time. One of those guys who appreciates an opportunity to get a little dressed up and look ultra suave, he was in his element. His monogrammed cufflinks were polished, his tie completely wrinkle free, and when he put the entire ensemble together, he cut quite the dashing figure. The portraits at the Hilton were great and soon he was walking down to Race St Pier. 

Groom wedding details with shoes, tie, shamrock socks, watching, and custom initial cufflinks
Groom tying his shoe with shamrock sock detail
Groom buttoning his shirt and putting on watch wedding prep window lit portraits
Traditional window lit groom portraits

First Look at Race St Pier

In the shadow of the Ben Franklin bridge, looking out over the Delaware River, Gabe stood with his back to the city. Deirdre was making her way toward him. The warm sun bathed the entire scene in a warm glow, and the breeze stilled for a moment. All nature was holding its breath. As Deirdre placed her hand on Gabe’s shoulder, he turned to behold his bride. The moment had arrived and it was everything they’d ever hoped for. Gabe instantly pulled her in for a hug and it seemed he might not let go. When he did pull away, he took a moment to appreciate her whole wedding day look before we started their portraits. 

Groom waiting for his bride at first look at Race Pier in Philadelphia
Groom waiting for his bride at first look at Race Pier in Philadelphia
Groom turning around and seeing bride for the first time first look at Race Street Pier Philadelphia

The blue of the sky and the gorgeous span of the Ben Franklin Bridge married together to amplify the magnitude of these portraits. We walked the length of the pier, finding beautiful spots for some snuggling and enjoying the last moments before they tied the knot. When we’d hit the end of our permit, we made our way back to the Moshulu for some friends and family ahead of their ceremony.

Bride and groom during first look at Race Street Pier in Philadelphia
Bride and groom walking on pier next to bride at Race Street Pier Philadelphia wedding portrait
Bride and groom pose in front of bridge at Race Street Pier, Philadelphia wedding portrait
Traditional bride and groom wedding portraits at Race Street Pier in Philadelphia
Bride laughing while groom kisses her on the cheek in front of river in Philadelphia
Bride and groom wedding portraits at Race Street Pier in Philadelphia
Groom kissing bride on the forehead on Race Street Pier in Philadelphia
Bride and groom traditional portrait in front of bridge gates in Philadelphia
Groom spinning bride in her dress in front of bridge gate in Philadelphia
Under long veil bridal portrait at Race Street Pier in Philadelphia
Bride laughing while groom kisses her forehead in front of flowers in Old City Philadelphia
Bridal party portraits with pastel pink dresses, grey suits in front of boats on Race Street Pier
Groomsmen posing and walking on pier in front of boat and wedding venue
Bridesmaids and flower girls laughing on pier in front of boat wedding venue in Philadelphia
Bridesmaids laughing and holding up their bouquets on pier in front of boat wedding venue in Philadelphia

Ceremony at the Moshulu 

On the deck of the Moshulu, a beautifully appointed Chuppah stood, ready to invite Deirdre and Gabe into their wedding ceremony. As the music came up, Gabe entered and waited for his bride. Even though they’d already seen each other, the emotion of the moment still swept over Gabe. He teared up but bravely held them back. Deirdre positively floated down the aisle to him. One of Gabe’s groomsmen doubled as their officiant and they enjoyed a completely personal ceremony that united their hearts and lives in love. Their beautiful ceremony was peppered with laughs as the sweet flower girls wandered to and fro, unable to keep still the whole time. But SO cute. When it came time for Deirdre and Gabe to seal the deal with a kiss, Gabe stomped a glass and then swept her into a fantastic kiss. They triumphantly made their way back down the aisle and into a splendid cocktail hour. 

The Reception at the Moshulu

One of the things that Deirdre and Gabe were most looking forward to about their wedding was their band, Secret Service Band. They got the party started right and kept it going all night. Deirdre’s mom gave an Irish blessing after Gabe’s father offered a Jewish one. The toasts were the perfect amount of sweet and roast, and cake cutting couldn’t have been smoother. Just before the sun fell completely, we were able to capture a beautiful pastel sky that will stick with us for a long time. 

Moshulu wedding reception details with green, white, and pink floral centerpieces, gold candles, custom Irish champagne glasses, and floral wedding cake
Bride and groom make entrance, cheer, and kiss during first dance at Moshulu wedding reception
Bride and groom smile and admire each other during intimate first dance at Moshulu wedding reception
Maid of honor speech and bride and groom raising a glass during toasts
Bride dances with her father, father spinning his daughter during parent dances at Moshulu wedding reception
Mother of the groom parent dances with groom hugging his mother
Bride and groom feeding cake to each other and kissing during cake cutting
Sunset wedding portrait with groom kissing bride on the cheek at Moshulu Philadelphia wedding
Sunset wedding portrait with groom kissing brides forehead in Philadelphia wedding

Another memory that sticks out to us, Rachel in particular, is when the song “Hey Baby, Will You Be My Girl?” was played. Everyone had their drinks up, their voices lifted, and spirits high. We couldn’t get the song out of our heads, and soon, Rachel’s toddlers were singing it the very next day. They still ask her to sing it for them. It’s these things that bring our couples even more into our lives and leave a lasting mark.

Fun dance floor, drinking, and singing during Moshulu wedding reception

Thank you, Deirdre and Gabe for allowing us this glimpse into your lives and love story. We had an amazing time and are glad to have you as part of our lives!

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