St Matthew’s Church Wedding | Alex Geiger & Brian Bonnes

Alex and Brian’s wedding day was not what they had originally planned, but with 2020 bringing all of its monkey wrenches, they took those lemons and made lemonade. Their ceremony at St Matthew’s Church was perfect and we know that their reception next year will be a party to remember.

The Ceremony at St Matthew’s Church in Conshohocken 

Alex and Brian held their wedding ceremony at a church that’s near to our hearts – St Matthew’s Church in Conshohocken. Before the Malvern studio, we had a charming little space in the heart of Conshy, and we still miss that town. It was bittersweet to walk by the old place, which gave us a little extra boost to capturing this wedding day. 

When we arrived, Brian’s sister and family greeted us. Everyone was outside, masked and ready, enjoying the sunshine. As the guests arrived, everyone made their way inside. St Matthew’s Church has their pews roped off and staggered to allow for social distancing. The stage was set, and the music swelled. Alex appeared in the doorway, and gracefully floated down the aisle to Brian. 

Their ceremony was a wonderful and traditional Catholic mass. And when they were pronounced, their guests of 25 still made some noise. 

We took a few minutes to capture some family formals inside the church, and used the few remaining minutes to capture a few “actually got married day” portraits around the grounds of St Matthew’s Church. Alex’s halter neck lace dress was amazing and we loved Brian’s floral tie! 

After portraits, they invited their guests back for a small backyard gathering and are really looking forward to their full celebration – we can’t wait for their rescheduled reception in Spring 2021! 

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